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A Global Gathering
3-4 Feb. 2017

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if: pray

For IF:Pray 2016, we are collaborating with a larger prayer gathering called Together 2016 on July 16, 2016. Together 2016 is the day our generation will meet on the National Mall to come together around Jesus in unified prayer, worship, and a call for catalytic change. Join us on the National Mall or gather women to be a part of this livestream event in your local area.

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if: local leader gathering

In September 2015, we gathered our IF:Local Leaders together to talk about how we can equip & unleash a generation of women around the globe. Our next anticipated gathering will be Fall of 2017. We encourage you to watch these videos from IF:Lead 2015 that tackle important topics on leadership & discipleship.

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if: table

IF:Table is a place to gather women monthly and share a simple meal and dive deep with people over real stories and Christ centered conversations. A time for a whole lot of laughter – and maybe a few tears – but time spent that leaves us with glad hearts. Full hearts. Grateful hearts.

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catalyst atlanta

IF:Gathering is hosting a Lab Track at Catalyst Atlanta on October 5th, 2016. Register for the Lab Track and hear IF:Gathering women speak about the ways we can specifically forge unity in our different roles and with our different giftings. Use the code “IF” to receive 20% off main ticket or lab ticket.

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