Green Well Salad


This is my take on The Green Well’s Michigan Harvest Salad. The Green Well is one of my favorite Grand Rapids restaurants, and I’ve made this salad for dinner with roasted chicken in it, or for lunch with cheese and bread. My favorite salads are packed with good stuff, way more than just greens, and…

Better, Richer, More Beautiful


What I love about summer—and what’s a little disorienting about summer—is that there’s no normal. There’s no routine, no “this is what every day looks like” framework to hang on. There are trips and camps and late nights. There are plans to run errands that get abandoned so that we can run through the sprinkler,…

God Made Me a People Gatherer


My story actually begins in 2011. I had recently taken a huge leap and moved to Dallas, Texas. It took a while to find my footing there; I ran myself ragged chasing everything that was shiny. I was maxed out at work and my performance-driven, young professional heart was looking in all the wrong places…

Summer IF:Table Inspiration!

susie davis strawberry pie

What happened to May…? June arrived with end of school crazies, graduations galore, and completely caught me off guard. I’m kinda exhausted. Maybe you too? But there’s good news because it’s time for our IF:Table gathering once again. When you sit with your friends at the table, eat a good meal and dive deep in…

Annette’s Enchiladas


This is serious comfort food—like, “eat it with a fork straight out of the pan in the middle of the night” comfort food. When I served this to my friend Jorie for the first time, she described it as a chicken pot pie with green chilies, and that’s a great way to put it. These…

Exponentially Richer


by Shauna Niequist When my mom turned 50, I was twenty-five. To celebrate that milestone birthday, I gathered together her friends and my friends, her mentors, and the high school small group I’d been leading for years. Girls in their teens and women in their sixties and seventies sat around the table at our friend…

April’s IF:Table Challenge


The images and stories from IF:Table gatherings across the country last month were beautiful. Deep conversations and authentic connections resulted in Jesus-centered community. While we continue to celebrate that gift, we look to next month, when we will gather again on Sunday, April 13th. Our ultimate dream for IF:Table is that you sit across the…

IF:Table NYC


A great video from IF:Table in New York City, hosted by Rebekah Lyons from the IF:Gathering leadership team. Share your IF:Table stories with us by posting to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #IFTable.

Tomato Soup with Dilled Havarti Cheese


It’s here! Our very first IF:Table … I am so excited! I can’t wait to hear what you’re doing in your kitchen, who you’ve invited to your table and what you’re thinking about this new adventure we’re all jumping into! I thought it would be helpful if our first IF:Table menu was an easy, no…